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Fencing; Leave it to the professionals

We’ve all seen it; The neighbour toiling out in the front yard, clad in a heavily sweated white vest and occasionally erupting in a bout of viscous obscenity peppered outbursts, limbs flailing wildly in every direction. He’s got his wooden picket panels, his hammer, and a couple of posts too- along with some measly looking nails scattered along the lawn beside him.

Day in day out he wrestles with the task before him. What started as an afternoons chore has now descended into a hellish week-long undertaking of gargantuan proportion; pushing the very limits of human endurance and spirit.

You will of course be in no doubt about what is trying to be achieved...he’s attempting to build his dream fence.

If you rightly decide you’d like to forgo the long and gruelling task of both planning/buying/and finally assembling your fence, then call B&M fencing contractors for a free and easy estimate!

We’re well experienced with building quality and long lasting fences for our customers, with over 30 years experience in the industry. Whether it’s discussing with you the best options for your needs, helping establish official property lines, or crafting a custom built fence, we’re here to help.

We offer so much more than an ameatur builder could- we only use stick built panels on all our wooden fences, none of the pre-assembled glued wood which you’ll find at your local DIY store. Through surveying a number of different materials suppliers, we can ensure you get the highest quality material for your fence with the smallest impact on your wallet.

We meticulously plan our projects so that every decision we make goes to ensure a B&M fence will last. Whether it’s the state of the art anti-sag construction we use for all our wooden fences, the 6x6 posts we use for wooden gates rather than the conventional 4x4, down to the carefully chosen nails we use designed to stay strong and hold. Investing in one of our fences will save you time and money which you might have to spend having lesser quality fences repaired.

Most importantly, all our craftmanship is insured AND you’ll be covered by our warranty in the unlikely event they’re any problems. We’re certain we can build the best fence for your needs so please pick up the phone and we’d love to chat about what you have in mind!

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