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Choosing Fencing in the Rock Hill Area

We set up B&M Fencing company at the turn of the millennium, 20 years ago. With over 30 years industry experience, we’ve built the company on a solid passion for quality and bringing the best fencing solutions to our customers. In that time B&M has become a firm favorite within the community. We serve a wide area of these great states, including Rock Hill, York, Clover and the surrounding areas.

We’ve successfully seen the completion of a wide range of fencing projects across many parts of South Carolina. Broad in style, height, material and length our fencing solutions are both high quality and lasting. So what are the typical considerations when considering having your fence built by B&M?

Ultimately the choice comes down to your needs. Whether for privacy, keeping pets/children in (or out!), land division or even just to look nice! By choosing B&M Fencing we’ll be able to listen to your needs and provide you with a number of options to choose from. Also, it’s worth checking if you live in a neighbourhood organized by the Home Owners Association, as you may need to comply with certain fencing standards.

For example, if you want classy, elegant, stylish fencing then Aluminum is usually the best way to go. Providing strong bars with a more open style, this is the first choice for many.

If privacy is a key issue for you, you might want to consider wooden or vinyl fencing. Which generally allows for less space than Aluminum and can provide cover for your home. Wooden fences also look pleasing to the eye and are easily replaceable.

Once a material has been chosen, you also have a wide range of styles and decorative considerations to choose from. Whether you’d like a picket or flat topped style, whether you’d like any custom designs made such as oval domes or varying panel heights, we can build it for you. The only limit is your imagination (within reason, of course!). Perhaps the decision which most comes down to personal preference is the color! We provide all the available colors in every type of material.

In terms of height, the trick is choosing a fence not too high that it appears constrictive or like you’re living in a military base (unless that’s what you’d like!) and not too low that pets or children could easily climb over it. If you’re looking to ward off intruders then the margin becomes even smaller but we’ve plenty of experience getting just the right height for our customers.

So, think about what you’d like from your new fencing solution and give us a call! We’d love to talk you through the process and from discussing your needs- help you find your perfect, professionally installed fence.

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